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My active projects. Some of these are newly formed ideas or simple expressions, while others exist as fully formed perspectives. From images to essays, these are some of things that are occupying me right now. I aim to host at least three projects at any given time, with some staying longer than others.  

 AI Imaginaries

Generative networks

I used a commonly available generative adversarial network architecture to create a series of digital artworks. Keyword prompts, which the system uses to generate images, were selected using a random word generator.   

Image from iOS (1) copy 5.jpg

Ghost Fictions

AI imitating prose

Using an open-source implementation of a popular large language model, I created extended portions of text that attempt to 'mirror' classic literature entered as a prompt. 


NeurIPS 1987

The first NeurIPS

An essay I wrote in 2021 about the first Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems held in Denver, Colorado in 1987. The project explored the power and purpose of the brain-computer imaginaries that would eventually dominate the discourse surrounding contemporary artificial intelligence systems. 

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